25 June 2013

BOOK: Essays by the lawyer Alessandro Criscuolo, edited by Stefano Vinci

Alessandro Criscuolo. Un avvocato tra età liberale e fascismo: un'antologia di scritti editi ed inediti, a cura di Stefano Vinci, In Quaderni della Rivista "Le Corti Pugliesi" 1, Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2013

Abstract by the author:

"Alessandro Criscuolo was one of major figures in criminal advocacy between 1800 and 1900 in South of Italy. Chairman of the Board of the Bar Association of Taranto for over twenty years, his long legal profession there is witnessed by a rich collection consists of books, essays and miscellaneous writings in his signature through which it's possible  to learn about its cultural eclecticism that embodied a full the nineteenth-century character of the lawyer, that the study of law accompanied the passion for history, poetry and literature in perfect cohesion. In the courtroom, in the halls of the city and provincial council, in speeches and public lectures, writings and legal allegations Criscuolo gave proof of a wonderful culture in the round that allowed him to expand in every respect, with mastery of language and concepts". 

For more information (in Italian) about this book and others related to Italian legal history, click here

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