14 June 2013

JOURNAL: New Issue of "Law and Humanities": 7.1 (2013)

Volume 7. Number 1. 2013

The 1st issue of the 2013 volume of Law and Humanities is now available online.

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‘The Cutting Edge of Cocking About’: Top Gear, Automobility and Law
Kieran Tranter and Damien Martin

Oaths, Credibility and the Legal Process in Early Modern England: Part Two
Barbara J Shapiro

Towards a Critique of Narrative Reason
François Ost

Recovering the Lost Human Stories of Law: Finding Mrs Burns
Dawn Watkins

Lost for Words: Embodying Law through Tanztheater
Miriam Aziz

Book Reviews
Julen Etxabe, The Experience of Tragic Judgment
Ari Hirvonen

Ruth Herz, The Art of Justice: The Judge’s Perspective
Leslie J Moran, Gary Watt, Linda Mulcahy and David Isaac

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