07 December 2019

MESSAGE: The Beginnings of the ESCLH, Ten Years Ago (2009-2019)

(image source: ESCLH Blog)

Ten years ago the ESCLH was formed in the Hague, with a mission to help comparative legal history to grow by bringing together scholars in shared purpose and community. That you are reading these words is a testament to that vision becoming reality. 

In ten years this blog (with millions of pageviews since its inception) has shared thousands of insights, calls, challenges and sadly a few passings of dear colleagues. 

Our journal thrives, with cutting-edge work exemplifying scholarly rigour and value. Our conferences (Biennial Conferences: Valencia - Amsterdam - Macerata - Gdansk - Paris - Lisbon; Graduate Conferences) are places of discussion, debate, challenge and intellectual engagement with difficult and important topics. 

Today, the Executive Council carries on, standing on the shoulders of the giants who set up the Society (Setu Masferrer, Jan Hallebeek, Seán Patrick Donlan, Remco van Rhee and Dirk Heirbaut) who saw it so carefully into figurative adulthood. 

We look forward to the next ten years: to the new work, the new discoveries, new colleagues, new collaborations and new students. To everyone who has contributed so much to the first decade of the ESCLH, our thanks, and our hopes for a even brighter and more comparative historical future.

Prof. Matt Dyson
President of the European Society for Comparative Legal History

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