09 December 2019

CALL FOR PAPERS: Panel on “Civil Wars and Postwars in the Contemporary Era, 1776-2020. A Transnational and Global Approach” at the 15th Meeting of the Spanish Association of Contemporary History (Albacete, 17-19 September 2020)

(Source: HSozkult)

Via Hsozkult, we learned of a call for papers for a panel on civil wars and postwars in the contemporary era.

In the last years we are witnessing one of the most serious migratory crisis since the Second World War. Some of these migrants decide to leave their countries due to economic, political, social or climate motivations. Nonetheless, a significant part of them have in war, and more specifically in civil wars, their main reason to abandon their lives. In this sense, the internal conflicts that have recently aroused in some parts of the world, as well as the endemic and chronic wars in regions such as Latin America, Middle East or Central Africa, are having a more decisive influence on a global scale. The widespread (and growing) existence of these internal conflicts around the globe places the concept of civil war as a key element to understand nowadays’ world, connecting to the relevance that this type of conflict had in the previous 19th and 20th centuries […]”

The full call can be found here

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