19 December 2019

JOURNAL: Diplomatica (Volume 1, Issue 2)

(Source: Brill)

The new journal diplomatica has published its second issue. Here the table of contents

Scripts for a New Stage: United Nations’ Observances and New Perspectives on Diplomatic History
By: Paul van Trigt
Pages: 145–156
unhcr’s Shifting Frames in the Social Construction of Disabled Refugees: Two Case Studies on the Organization’s Work During the World Refugee Year (1959–1960) and the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981)
By: Veronika Flegar
Pages: 157–179
From Tehran to Helsinki: the International Year of Human Rights 1968 and State Socialist Eastern Europe
By: Ned Richardson-Little
Pages: 180–201
1979: a Year of the Child, but Not of Children’s Human Rights
By: Linde Lindkvist
Pages: 202–220
A Global Approach to Local Problems? How to Write a Longer, Deeper, and Wider History of the International Year of Disabled Persons in Kenya
By: Sam de Schutter
Pages: 221–242
Science Diplomacy and the Making of the United Nations International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction
By: Lukas Schemper
Pages: 243–267
International Days at the United Nations: Expanding the Scope of Diplomatic Histories
By: Monika Baár
Pages: 268–290
Review EssayA Renewal of Diplomatic History or the Continuation of Old Trends?Selected Readings from the French-speaking Field of International History
By: Louis Clerc
Pages: 291–298
Diplomacy: Communication and the Origins of International Order, written by Robert F. Trager. 2017
By: Alexandros Nafpliotis
Pages: 299–301
War, Law and Humanity: The Campaign to Control Warfare, 1853–1914, written by James Crossland. 2018
By: Benjamin Coates
Pages: 302–304
Diplomacy Meets Migration: US Relations with Cuba during the Cold War, written by Hideaki Kami. 2018.
By: Jorrit van den Berk
Pages: 305–307
Eric Drummond and his Legacies. The League of Nations and the Beginnings of Global Governance, written by David Macfadyen, Michael Davies, Marilyn Carr and John Burley. 2019
By: Karen Gram-Skjoldager
Pages: 308–310
Navigating Semi-Colonialism: Shipping, Sovereignty, and Nation-Building in China, 1860–1937, written by Anne Reinhardt. 2018
By: Maartje Abbenhuis
Pages: 311–313
International Relations, Music and Diplomacy, Sounds and Voices on the International Stage, edited by Frédéric Ramel and Cécile Prévost-Thomas. 2018
By: Nur Bilge Criss
Pages: 314–316
The Ideas and Practices of the European Union’s Structural Antidiplomacy: An Unstable Equilibrium, written by Steffen Bay Rasmussen. 2018
By: Roberto Duran
Pages: 317–319
The Making of Indian Foreign Policy: A Critique of Eurocentrism, written by Deep K Datta-Ray. 2015
By: Thomas Gidney
Pages: 320–322
Practices of Diplomacy in the Early Modern World c. 1410–1800, edited by Tracey A. Sowerby, Jan Hennings 2017
By: Isabella Lazzarini
Pages: 323–326
Pages: 327–330

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