16 December 2019

BOOK: Donald PRUDLO, ed., A Companion to Heresy Inquisitions (Leiden-New York: Brill, 2019). ISBN 978-90-04-36090-7, €198.00

(Source: Brill)

Brill has published a companion to heresy inquisitions.


Inquisitions of heresy have long fascinated both specialists and non-specialists. A Companion to Heresy Inquisitions presents a synthesis of the immense amount of scholarship generated about these institutions in recent years. The volume offers an overview of many of the most significant areas of heresy inquisitions, both medieval and early modern. The essays in this collection are intended to introduce the reader to disagreements and advances in the field, as well as providing a navigational aid to the wide variety of recent discoveries and controversies in studies of heresy inquisitions. 


Donald S. Prudlo, Ph.D. (2004), University of Virginia, is Professor of Medieval History at Jacksonville State University. He has published works on inquisitions, saints and sainthood, and Church history, most recently Certain Sainthood (Cornell, 2016)


Notes on Contributors
  Donald S. Prudlo 

Part 1 : Origins of Inquisitions of Heretical Depravity

 1 The Spiritual Foundations of Christian Heresy Inquisitions
  Christine Caldwell Ames
 2 Precursors to Religious Inquisitions: Anti-Heretical efforts to 1184
  Michael Frassetto 

Part 2 : Medieval Inquisitions

 3 The Fourth Lateran Ordo of Inquisition Adapted to the Prosecution of Heresy
  Henry Ansgar Kelly
 4 The Church’s Institutional Response to Heresy in the 13th Century
  Lucy Sackville
 5 Heresy Inquisitions in the Later Middle Ages
  Robin Vose 

Part 3 : The Iberian Inquisitions

 6 The Spanish Inquisition and the Converso Challenge ( c.1480–1525): A Question of Race, Religion or Socio-Political Ascendancy?
  Helen Rawlings
 7 The Metamorphosis of the Spanish Inquisition, 1520–1648
  Werner Thomas
 8 The Rise of the Modern Inquisition in Portugal and Brazil, and the Transformation of Jews and New Christians into Heretics
  Lúcia Helena Costigan 

Part 4 : The Italian Inquisitions

 9 The Takeover of the Roman Inquisition
  Elena Bonora
 10 Politics, Diplomacy and Religious Dissent. The Activity of the Inquisition in Early Modern Venice
  Federico Barbierato

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