18 December 2019

BOOK: Simona TAROZZI & Elisabetta FIOCCHI MALASPINA (eds.), Historical Perspectives on Property and Land Law. An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Methods and Research Approaches [Carlos III. Historia del Derecho] (Madrid: Dykinson, 2019), 243 p. 978-84-1324-499-0, OPEN ACCESS

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Book abstract:
This volume aims to investigate, with an interdisciplinary approach, how legal property regimes, land law and land registration systems are intertwined with economic, social, and political spheres; to analyse the social functions and legal and political implications of various land registration systems in different contexts and how, for example, they operated in a colonial framework; to scrutinise the relations between politics and property, as well as the transformation of the property concept, in its meaning and function.
Table of contents:
Transfer of Immovable Properties, Publicity and Land Law in the Age of Justinian: the Perspective of the Praetorian Prefect. Silvia SchiavoL’evasione fiscale come problema circolare nelle esperienze storiche: esempi della tarda antichità. Paola BianchiLand Grant in Late Antiquity: a pattern for Modern Colonial Regulations? Simona TarozziContextualización iushistórica de la reforma agraria chilena (siglo XX). Agustín PariseLa influencia del Derecho Romano en la adquisición y en el sistema de transferencia en los derechos reales en el siglo XIX, Argentina. Pamela Alejandra CacciavillaniThe indigenous concept of land in Andean constitutionalism. Silvia BagniThe “trascrizione” system in Italy from the end of the nineteenth century to the promulgation of the civil code (1942). Alan SandonàRegistro e colonialismo em Angola. Mariana Dias PaesTracing Social Spaces: Global Perspectives on the History of Land Registration. Elisabetta Fiocchi MalaspinaThe politics of real property in the Kingdom of Sardinia, 1720–1848. Charles BartlettList of AbstractsList of Contributors 
(Source: Dykinson)

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