23 December 2019

BOOK: Alfred H.A. SOONS (ed.), The 1713 Peace of Utrecht and its Enduring Effects [Nova et Vetera Iuris Gentium; Vol. 31] (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff/Brill, 2019), 224 p. ISBN 978-90-04-35157-8, € 176

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Book abstract:
The 1713 Peace of Utrecht and its Enduring Effects, edited by Alfred H.A. Soons, presents an interdisciplinary collection of contributions marking the occasion of the tercentenary of the Peace of Utrecht. The chapters examine the enduring effects of the Peace Treaties concluded at Utrecht in 1713, from the perspectives of international law, history and international relations, with cross-cutting themes: the European Balance of Power; the Relationship to Colonial Regimes and Trade Monopolies; and Ideas and Ideals: the Development of the International Legal Order. With contributions by: Peter Beeuwkes, Stella Ghervas, Martti Koskenniemi, Randall Lesaffer, Paul Meerts, Isaac Nakhimovsky, Sundhya Pahuja, Koen Stapelbroek, Benno Teschke, Jaap de Wilde
Table of contents:
Preface Notes on Contributors 
Behaviour of Negotiators   Paul Meerts and Peter Beeuwkes 
Part 1 The Peace of Utrecht: the European Balance of Power 
1 Balance of Power: Adversarial Pair of Scales or Associational Arch?   Jaap de Wilde 2 Envisioning Europe after Utrecht: Voltaire and the Historiography of the Balance of Power   Isaac Nakhimovsky 3 The Peace of Utrecht, the Balance of Power and the Law of Nations   Randall Lesaffer 
Part 2 The Peace of Utrecht: Relationship to Colonial Regimes and Trade Monopolies 
4 “The Long Peace”: Commercial Treaties and the Principles of Global Trade at the Peace of Utrecht   Koen Stapelbroek 5 The Social Origins of 18th Century British Grand Strategy: a Historical Sociology of the Peace of Utrecht   Benno Teschke 6 Public Debt, the Peace of Utrecht and the Rivalry between Company and State   Sundhya Pahuja 
Part 3 The Peace of Utrecht: Ideas and Ideals; the Development of the International Legal Order 
7 Peace of Utrecht (1713) and the “Crisis of European Conscience”   Martti Koskenniemi 8 In the Shadow of Utrecht: Perpetual Peace and International Order, 1713–1815   Stella Ghervas 
Subject Index Name Index 
On the editor:
Alfred H.A. Soons is professor emeritus of public international law at Utrecht University 
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