02 May 2022

CFP: Call for Papers for Volume 3, Issue 2 - Central European Journal of Comparative Law (Deadline 31 August 2022)

(Source: CEJCL)


The Editorial Team of Central European Journal of Comparative Law kindly invites researchers, scholars, and university lecturers to submit their scholarly writings to the forthcoming issue (Volume 3, Issue 2) of our journal in the following sections: 1. Issues related to cultural rights, in particular UNESCO and the protection of cultural landscapes, the impact of the pandemic on culture and cultural rights, cultural rights and diaspora communities, food as cultural right; 2. Cultural property: protection regime, current problems of looted or nationalized art.

These topics are not exclusive. The Editorial Team gladly welcomes manuscripts from all fields of law which are in connection with the journal’s mission. The Central European Journal of Comparative Law (CEJCL) aims at establishing itself as a comparative legal research forum that analyses both private and public law of primarily, but not exclusively, European countries. Manuscripts from the field of political science (e.g. comparative politics) and international relations are also accepted. Both the CEJCL research topics and adopted approach are relevant to the Central European and East Central European region, and hence, it also intends to build its reputation as a major publication within this region. CEJCL prefers thematic issues to advance more straightforward comparability. Ensuring the ‘best practises’ and making different legal solutions available and interpretable to the relevant group of countries is of utmost importance to CEJCL.

Language: CEJCL exclusively accepts manuscripts that are written in English. The manuscripts submitted that are accepted for publication are proofread by English-language experts, the costs of which are covered by the publisher.

Length requirements: CEJCL publishes articles that do not exceed 60.000 characters, including spaces. Generally, the manuscripts should be between 40.000 and 60.000 characters.

Guide for authors, including reference style and citation; peer-review: Please find the detailed guide for authors on the following website: The authors may find more information about the process of peer-review on the following website:

Deadline: We ask the authors to be so kind as to submit their manuscripts by 31 August 2022 at the latest. The submission should be sent via e-mail to the following address: It should also include the author’s personal data (affiliation, academic degree, position, e-mail address, ORCID number), a brief abstract and 5-7 keywords in a separate document.

Publication date: The Editorial Team aims to publish the new issue in the second half of 2022.

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