09 February 2022

JOURNAL: Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law (volume 38, 2021: open source)


(Source: Wikipedia)

The annual issue of the Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law has been published. The entire volume can be found at the following link:




  • Stephan Georg Kuttner by Ken Pennington
  • Stephan Kuttner at Yale by Robert Somerville
  • Stephan Kuttner: A Remembrance by Stanley Chodorow
  • Destroyed But Not Lost: A Digital Reconstruction Of The Chartrain Copy Of Burchard’s Liber Decretorum (Chartres Bm 161) by Michela Galli and Christof Rolker
  • Notas sobre la Collectio decem partium de Colonia by José Miguel Viejo-Ximénez
  • Venetiis in Rivo alto: Letters for English Recipients issued from Venice in mid-1177 by Anne J. Duggan
  • A la recherche de magister A. Notes sur le manuscrit 592 de la bibliothèque municipale de Douai by Anne Lefebvre-Teillard
  • Pacta sunt servanda: Canon Law and the Birth and Dissemination of the Legal Maxim by Piotr Alexandrowicz
  • ‘They Should be Decapitated’: The Glossa ordinaria to X 5.6 and 3.33 on Jews and Saracens by Yanchen Liu
  • ‘Qui totum sibi vendicat quod scripserat esse suum’: The Limits of Papal dominium from a Fictitious Letter of 1307 by Gabriele Bonomelli
  • ‘Publice utilitati fructificare desidero’: Brevi riflessioni sul costituzionalismo dantesco nel primo libro della Monarchia by Cecilia Natalini
  • Usury and Restitution in Late Medieval Episcopal Statutes: A Case Study in the Local Reception of Conciliar Decrees by Rowan Dorin and Raffaella Bianchi Riva
  • In Coena Domini: A Hierocratic Weapon or a Pastoral Staff? by Stefan Stantchev and Benjamin Weber

  • Ius e Lex by Manlio Bellomo
  • Versions of a Legal Repertorium Related to the Works of Bartolus by Thomas M. Izbicki

  • John Burden on Kynast Tradition und Innovation im kirchlichen Recht
  • Thomas M. Izbicki on Great French and English Jurists
  • Kyle C. Lincoln on Great Spanish Jurists
  • Sarah B. White on McSweeney, Priests of the Law
  • Select Bibliography

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