06 October 2021

CONFERENCE: International Military Justice Forum (Paris: Cour de cassation - Hôtel des Invalides, 18-19 NOV 2021)


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Thursday, November 18, 2021


Musée de l’Armée, Hôtel des Invalides, Auditorium Austerlitz


9:30 a.m. Opening of the Forum :

François Molins, Prosecutor General of the Cour de cassation

Major General Hervé de Courrèges, Superintendant of the Military Academy Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan

Ronan Doaré, Dean of the Military Academy Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan

Gwenaël Guyon, Head of the Department of Law and Ethics, Military Academy Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan


Military Justice during Modern Times

Chairman : Benjamin Deruelle (Professor in History, Université du Québec à Montréal – UQAM)


10:15 a.m. Philipp Portelance (PhD student, Université du Québec à Montréal- UQAM) : "The Colonels of the German Regiments Will Continue to Have the Justice of the Said Regiments": The Delegation of Royal Justice as a Privilege of Foreign Regiments (1715-1791)."  


10:35 a.m. Renaud Faget (Doctor in History, Panthéon Sorbonne) : The Military Command Seen by the Revolutionary Justice : The Evolutions of the Judicial Doctrine of War (1793-1794).


10:55 a.m. Hugo Beuvant (Doctor in Legal History, Université de Rennes 1) : The European Posterity of the 1796 French Code of Offences and Punishments for the Military Troops of the French Republic.


11:15 a.m. Break (Salle des Cadets)


11:35 a.m. David Gilles (Professor in Legal History, Université de Sherbrooke) : Military Justice in New France During the Seven Years War: The Debate About Native Substitutes.


11:55 a.m. Question time

12:30. Lunch (Restaurant « Carré des Invalides »).


Military Justice and World Wars

Chairman : Stéphane Baudens (Associate professor in Legal history, Académie Militaire Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan)


2:30 p.m. Gwenaël Guyon (Associate professor in Legal history, Military Academy-Cyr Coëtquidan) : French Military Justice From One War to Another: Reform, Controversies and comparisons (1870-1928).


2:50 p.m. Louis Panel (Museum curator, Monuments historiques) : Investigation by French Military Jurisdictions (1914-1919).


3:10 p.m. Jonas Campion (Professor in History, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières – UQTR): The Practice of Capital Punishment: The Case of Belgian Military Justice from 1944 to 1952.


3:30 p.m. Break (Salle des Cadets)


3:50 p.m. Julie Le Gac (Associate professor in History, Université Paris Nanterre) : Judging the Failures of the Fighters of the French Army During the Liberation of Europe (1943-1944). The Example of Military Justice During the Italian Campaign.


4:10 p.m. Evert Kleynhans (Senior Lecturer in Military History, Stellenbosch University) : High treason, Political Meddling and the Post-War Hunt for South-African Collaborators and Traitors, 1945-1948.


4:30 p.m. Raffaella Bianchi Riva (Associate professor in Legal History, Università degli Studi di Milano) : Military Justice and Ordinary Justice in Italy During the Transition From Fascism to Republic (1943-1948).


4.50 p.m. Question time


Friday, November 19, 2021


Cour de cassation – Grand’chambre


Chairman : Frédéric Desportes (First General Advocate of the criminal chamber of the Cour de cassation)


9:30 a.m. HHJ Alan Large (Judge Advocate General of the United Kingdom) : The Influence of the ECHR on the Current Military Justice System in the United Kingdom.


9:50 a.m. Group Captain John Devereux (Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force) : The Australian Military Justice System : Understanding Military Discipline, Judicial Decisions and Future Issues.


10:10 a.m. Alison Duxbury (Professor in Law, University of Melbourne, Associate Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law) and Rain Liivoja (Associate professor in Law, University of Queensland) : Military or Civilian Justice : How Should the Decision be Made ?


10:30 a.m. Break (Atrium)


10:50 a.m. Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Maurer (Judge Advocate, Assistant Professor of Law, US Military Academy at Westpoint) : The De-Militarization of American Military Justice: Implications for Shifting the Center of Gravity From Commanders to ‘Justice’.


11:10 a.m. Lars Stevnsborg (Danish Military Prosecutor General) : Contemporary Military Justice Issues in Denmark.  


11:30 a.m Questions time

12:00. Break (Restaurant « Paul », place Dauphine)


Chairman : Ronan Doaré (Dean of the Military Academy Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan)


2:00 p.m. Maria Elizabeth Guimarães Teixeira Rocha (Former Chief-Justice and Justice of the Brazilian Superior Military Court) : The Brazilian Federal Military Justice : Challenges and Perspectives.


2:20 p.m. Màrio Monte (Professor in Law, University of Minho) : Military Justice Systems in Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Portugal, Brazil, Angola). A Comparative View.


2:40 p.m. Aurore Chauvelot (Associate General Advocate, Parquet général de la Cour de cassation) : The French System of Military Justice: An Orignal Model ?


3:00 p.m. Colonel Laurent Haas (Commandant of the Prevotal Gendarmerie) : The Prevotal Gendarmerie : Organisation, Operations, Missions.  


3:20 p.m. Jean-Paul Laborde (Honorary magistrate, Cour de Cassation, former UN Assistant Secretary General at the Security Council on Counter-terrorism) : Military Justice and the Collect of Proofs on the Battlefield.


3:40 p.m. Question time

4:00 p.m. Break (Atrium)



Cour de cassation – Grand’chambre


Chairman : Eric Gherardi (Associate professor in Law, MIlitary Academy saint-Cyr Coëtquidan)


4:20 p.m.  Brian Lee Cox (Former US Military legal advisor, Adjunct professor, Cornell Law School) : War Crimes, Killer Robots and Software 2.0. Preparing Military Justice and Accountability Frameworks for the Next Generation of Machine Learning.


4:40 p.m. Eric Pomès (Associate professor in Law, Institut Catholique de Vendée) : Autonomous Lethal Weapon Systems, A Complex Recognition of Criminal Liability.


5:00 p.m. Sarah Badari (Ph.D student in Law, CREC Saint-Cyr) : The Criminal Responsibility of the Enhanced Soldier.


5:20 p.m. Question time

5:40 p.m. Closing of the Forum

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