01 October 2021

SEMINAR SERIES : Zürcher Ausspracheabende zur Rechtsgeschichte (ZAA) (Fall 2021)


The Zürcher Ausspracheabende zur Rechtsgeschichte (ZAA) is organising a series of lectures in Fall 2021.

14. Oktober 2021, 18:15 Uhr (nur Livestream)

Legal History, Intellectual Politics, and Imperial Administration:

Francesco Casoni and his De Indiciis (1557)

Dr. Charles Bartlett

Harvard University


25. November 2021, 18:15 Uhr (KOL-G-212)

Postcolonial Legal Theory through Swiss Triangular Commercial Legal History.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Dr. Filippo Contarini

Universität Luzern


9. Dezember 2021, 18:15 Uhr (KOL-G-212)

The Decreta and Imperiales Sententiae of Paul. Imperial Representation and Juristic Self-fashioning in the Judicial Decisions of Septimius Severus

Assistenzprofessorin Dr. Elsemieke Daalder

Universiteit Leiden


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