28 June 2017

JOURNAL: The Journal of Legal History XXXVIII (2017), No. 2

(image source: University of Glasgow)

The Journal of Legal History (Routledge) published its second issue of the 2017 volume (XXXVIII).
"Writing Histories of Law and Emotion" (Merridee L. Bailey & Kimberley-Joy Knight)
"Emotions in the Early Common Law (c. 1166-1215)" (John Hudson)
"Narratives of Feeling and Majesty: Mediated Emotions in the Eighteenth-Century Criminal Courtroom" (Amy Milka & David Lemmings)
"‘She Felt Strongly the Injury to Her Affections’: Breach of Promise of Marriage and the Medicalization of Heartbreak in Early Twentieth-Century Australia" (Alecia Simmonds)
"Narrative, Law and Emotion: Husband Killers in Early Nineteenth-Century Ireland" (Katie Barclay)
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