06 November 2019

WORKSHOP SERIES: Legal and Social History (Cambridge, October-December 2019)

We learned of a workshop series on legal and social history at the University of Cambridge.

The Legal and Social History Workshop welcomes speakers and attendees working on or interested in socio-legal history, irrespective of period or location.

This workshop is for those interested in socio-legal history. The interdisciplinary nature of this topic produces a need cross-departmental work and thus this workshop welcomes attendees from all Faculties. As a thematic workshop, we aim to connect students working on different periods and locations that may have encountered the same methodological problems and research questions.

The conveners are committed to creating a friendly environment for students to test new research and ideas on socio-legal history, irrespective of period or location. In Michaelmas, we will accept abstracts from current PhD students, whereas in Lent and Easter we will encourage papers from MPhil and first year PhDs. There will be an end-of-year conference in May/June 2020.  

We meet fortnightly on Tuesdays at 5:15pm in the History Faculty Boardroom. 

Michaelmas Term Card 2019

Tuesday 22 October: Christopher Whittell (Queens' College)
‘An adulterate coin? The coinage of the British republic (1649-1660) within the tradition of English common law’.

Tuesday 5 November: Fleur Stolker (Brasenose College, Oxford)
‘Bankruptcy and insolvency in the early modern Court of Chancery, 1543-1628’.

Tuesday 19 November: Rob Bates (Queens' College)
‘An Organized Suspicion? Structuring Administration in the American Civil War Pension System, c.1875-1882’.

Tuesday 3December: Dr Saumya Saxena (Jesus College)
‘Court’ing Hindu Nationalism: The Supreme Court of India and the rise of Hindutva’.

All graduates and postdocs welcome!
Conveners: Stephanie Brown,; Laura Flannigan and Ian King  

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