08 November 2019

BOOK: Sinem OGIS, The Influence of Marine Insurance Law on the Legal Development of Life and Fire Insurance in England. (Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2019). ISBN 978-3-428-15881-2, 89,90 €

We learned of the publication of a book on the history of English (marine) insurance law.


This book addresses the question whether English insurance law is in its entirety rooted in marine insurance. English literature and case law indeed assert that life and fire insurance are nothing more than offspring of marine insurance. To describe life and fire insurance law as offspring of marine insurance suggests that the legal rules and principles as developed in the context of marine insurance were simply transferred as a whole to life and fire insurance. However, it is possible that the legal development happened differently. There could rather have been a convergence of the different legal regimes. To speak of a gradual convergence suggests that marine insurance law was transposed into life and fire insurance law only where appropriate. By analyzing this research question, the book unfolds the roots of modern insurance business in England as well as the evolution of English insurance law.


Sinem Ogis obtained her LL.B. at Yasar University (Izmir, Turkey) in 2013 where she triumphed as third ranked in her Law Faculty. In 2013, she was awarded the Best Student of Yasar University 2013 Prize and a Jean Monnet Scholarship supported by European Union. In 2014, she completed an LL.M. in Maritime Law at the University of Southampton with a dissertation on powerships. From 2015 to 2018, she was a research assistant at the University of Augsburg as part of the ERC-funded project »A Comparative History of Insurance Law in Europe« and wrote her Ph.D.-thesis on the history of English insurance law. Sinem Ogis speaks Turkish, English, Italian and German and she is a qualified lawyer in Turkey.

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