13 November 2019

JOURNAL: Journal of the History of International Law (Volume 21, Issue 3)

(Source: Brill)

The Journal of the History of International Law has also published its latest issue.

Resolving the Misunderstood Historical Order: A Korean Perspective on the Historical Tributary Order in East Asia
By: Si Jin Oh
Pages: 341–377

From Swords to Words: the Intersection of Geopolitics and Law, and the Subtle Expansion of International Law in the Consolidation of the Independence of the Latin American Republics
By: Nicolas Carrillo-Santarelli and Carolina Olarte-Bácares
Pages: 378–420

Divide and Then Preside: the Dilemma of the First Asian President of the Permanent Court of International Justice in the Age of Empires: a Review Essay on Yanagihara Masaharu and Shinohara Hatsue Eds, Adachi Mineichirō (2017)
By: Tomoko Akami
Pages: 421–442

The Conservative Human Rights Revolution European Identity, Transnational Politics, and the Origins of the European Convention, written by Marco Duranti
By: Dalia Palombo
Pages: 443–449

The Holocaust, Corporations, and the Law. Unfinished Business, written by Leora Bilsky
By: Nadia Bernaz
Pages: 450–453

Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire, written by Jennifer Pitts
By: Casper Sylvest
Pages: 454–457

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