19 September 2022

LECTURE SERIES: CoCoLaw Series on Colonial Legal History 2022/2 - University of Helsinki (on Zoom)

We have been informed of the following lecture series:

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce and invite you the Autumn Program for the CoCoLaw Series on Colonial Legal History 2022/2. There will be four lectures, one each month from September to December, to discuss the latest investigations about the law enacted on colonial spaces during the early modern period.

For this semester, we will have the following speakers:

15.09 – Brazilian Colonial Law: Theoretical Framework and Contributions - Gustavo Cabral, Universidade Federal do Ceará

11.10 – Latin American Colonial Household as a Normative Sphere - Romina Zamora, Universidad de Tucumán

8.11 – Lawyering in France’s Early Modern Empire - Laurie Wood, Florida State University

13.12 – The Law of the Dutch East Indies. From Ruling a Trading Post to Ruling Territories - Boudewijn Sirks, University of Oxford

All lectures will take place online via Zoom and everyone are welcome to join (Meeting ID 405 3342976, Password 229973).

Kind regards,

CoCoLaw Project - Comparing Early Modern Colonial Laws

University of Helsinki

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