19 May 2016

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: British Legal History Conference 2017 - Networks and Connections (University College London, 5 Jul-8 Jul 2017); DEADLINE 26 AUG 2016

The Legal History Blog announced the call for papers for next year's British Legal History Conference, to be held at University College London, from 5 to 8 July 2017.

Conference description:
In tracing the way that legal ideas emerge and expand, historians have become increasingly interested in exploring the way that networks are developed and connections made. Legal history is full of connections – between people and places, jurisdictions and ideas. The way that the law develops may be influenced by particular social, professional or political groups, or by wider national, imperial or transnational networks. The law may change direction because of new connections made, whether in the form of the transplantation of legal concepts from one forum to another, or in the form of the influence of new ways of thinking or acting. These connections or networks may be simple or complex, transitory or enduring, ad hoc or accidental. The aim of this conference is to explore the wide range of networks and connections which influence the development of law and legal ideas over time, in a variety of different scholarly contexts. We welcome proposals from historians interested in exploring these themes in all fields of legal history, whether doctrinal or contextual, domestic or transnational.
Practical details:
UCL is located in the heart of the Bloomsbury district in London and is surrounded by a wealth of accommodation to suit all budgets.
Some local hotels, all within walking distance of the venue are:
UCL Residences: UCL has a number of student residences into which visitors can book accommodation. Ian Baker House and Ramsay Hall are all within a 5 minute walking distance to the venue. Please see information on the Residences website at: There are a number of decent hostels local to the venue:
 Conference organisers:
Dr Ian Williams, Faculty of Laws, UCL
Professor Michael Lobban, LSE Law
More information on the conference website.

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