24 July 2013

E-JOURNAL: Jus politicum, journal of constitutional law and politics (N°10: The General Will)

(Jean-Jacques Rousseau; image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The most recent issue of Jus politicum: revue de droit politique/Journal of constitutional law and politics is out. Contributions centre around the theme of the "volonté générale" or "general will". Inevitably, numerous articles are of interest to comparative legal historians. To give but an arbitrary first selection:
  • Theme:
    • "Three failures of the general will : Rousseau’s theory of deliberation and the "symbolic trial” in Britain" (Carlos-Miguel Pimentel) 
    • "Kelsen as a critique of Rousseau : from general will to collective will" (Renaud Baumert)
    • "Robespierre and “amour des lois” (Yannick Bosc)
    •  “Amour des lois” in the revolutionary period and the question of a religion of “patrie” (Sophie Wahnich)
    •  "Forcing to love the laws. A paradox of Jean Domat’s legal augustinianism" (Jean- Philippe Heurtin)
    •  "The paradox of “amour des lois”. A reading of Montesquieu" (Francine Markovits)
    • “Amour des lois” and love of self in Rousseau" (Gabriel Radica) 
  • Varia-section: 
    • "The Style of modern written constitutions. An Overview of the three types of constitutional writing (XVIIth – XXth centuries)" (Armel Le Divellec) 
    • "A president without an ‘executive council’ : the Philadelphia choice" (Arnaud Le Pillouer)
 All articles can be read in fulltext (open access) on Jus Politicum's website.

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