29 July 2013

BOOK: Pio Caroni's Lectures on Codification

Caroni P., Lecciones de historia de la codificatiónEdición de Adela Mora Cañada y Manuel Martínez Neira,  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid2013.

This publication is part of the following project: 

The Programme “Legal History” of the Figuerola Institute of Social Science History – a part of the Carlos III University of Madrid – is devoted to improve the overall knowledge on the history of law from different points of view – academically, culturally, socially, and institutionally – covering both ancient and modern eras. A number of experts from several countries have participated in the Programme, bringing in their specialized knowledge and dedication to the subject of their expertise.
To give a better visibility of its activities, the Programme has published in its Book Series a number of monographs on the different aspects of its academic discipline.

The book is available online: click here to read the pdf

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