22 September 2023

CFP: Nuova Antologia Militare (NAM) - Medieval Military History Issues (2024 & 2025 issues)

 Call for Papers: Nuova Antologia Militare (NAM)

Medieval Military History Issues

NAM Vol. 5, Issue 17 (Winter 2024)

NAM Vol. 6, Issue 21 (Winter 2025)


Publication date: No. 17 Winter 2024; No. 21 Winter 2025

Last date for submission: No. 17 December 30, 2023, No. 21 December 30, 2024

We are inviting submissions of original papers and book reviews to be considered for publication in the fourth and fifth NAM issues specialized in Medieval Military History (VIII-XV century).

Submissions can be made in Italian, English, French, German, or Spanish; they should be no less than 6 000 and no more than 8000 words in length and should be accompanied by an abstract of 100-250 words in English, and final bibliography.

 NAM is an open access, double blind peer-reviewed, DOI indexed journal in the Scopus list, which publishes scholarly articles in the field Military History and publishes 4 issues a year respectively devoted to Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary MH. It was founded in November 2019 by the Italian Society of Military History and is co-directed by Virgilio Ilari and Giovanni Brizzi. The Ancient MH issues are edited by Marco Merlo, Fabio Romanoni, Antonio Musarra and Peter Sposato and publishes articles and reviews on a wide range of aspects, not only military (as tactics; strategy; armour, fortifications, navies, mercenary, cartography and s. o.) but political, economic, legal, philosophical, social, gender aspects of war; memory of conflict and commemoration; anthropology of conflict and s. o. So far NAM has published 243 articles and 216 book reviews (10,000 pages), including 36 and 19 of Medieval Military History (1.440 pages).

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NAM Ethics: Articles will be submitted to a double-blind peer review. The articles are indexed with DOI and stored. The authors retain the copyright of their articles. More:

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