29 April 2014

JOURNALS: Legal History Review LXXXI (2013), Nos. 3-4; American Journal of Legal History LIV (2014), No 2

Two leading legal history journals recently published a new issue:

Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis-Revue d'Histoire du Droit-The Legal History Review
Volume LXXXI (2013), Nos. 3-4.
  • "Philippe Godding †" (Editorial Committee)
  • "Jacobus Thomas (Tom) de Smidt †" (Editorial Comittee)
  • "In memoriam Robert Feenstra (1920–2013)" (Editorial Committee)
  • "Liste des travaux de Robert Feenstra" (Margreet Duynstee)
  • "Portrait d’un « romaniste » hors du commun : Jean Acher (1880–1915)" (Anne Lefèbvre-Teillard)
  • "Furtum and manus / potestas" (A.B. Sirks)
  • "The problem of the content of the lex Iulia iudiciorum publicorum" (J. Giltaij)
  • "D. 41,2,3,21: Titulierte Besitzarten, Erwerbsgründeund das unum genus possidendi" (Eric H. Pool)
  • "Byzantine and the Medieval West Roman tradition" (Hylkje De Jong)
  • "Adrian of Utrecht (1459–1523) at the crossroads of law and morality: conscience, equity, and the legal nature of Early Modern practical theology" (Wim Decock)
  • "La représentation du droit dans la communauté des diplomates européens des « Trente Heureuses » (1713–1740)" (Frederik Dhondt)
  • "The case for the lost captain" (Zillem Zwalve)
  • "Außerjuristische Wertungen in der Argumentation Papinians" (J.G. Wolf)
  • Book Reviews
See Brill Books and Journals Online.

American Journal of Legal History LXIV (2014), No. 2 (April):
  • "Virginia Law Reports" (W.H. Bryson)
  • "Leon A. Berezniak: The Theatrical Counselor" (Edward J. Larson)
  • "The Law of Colonial Maryland: Virginia Without Its Grandeur" (William E. Nelson)
  • "Habeas Corpus Proceedings in the High Court of Parliament in the Reign of James I, 1603-1625" (Donald E. Wilkes, jr.)
See the journal's website (Temple University).

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