14 January 2012

Call for Nominations - Honorary Fellows of the American Society for Legal History

The following Call for Nominations for Honorary Fellows of the American Society for Legal History was recently circulated:

In 2011 the American Society for Legal History made some important changes to its processes for electing Honorary Fellows of the Society. First, it abandoned the distinction it had formerly drawn between Honorary Fellows (limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada) and Corresponding Fellows (the rest of the world). Recognizing that we live in an increasingly globalized world, from now on there will be only one category of Honorary Fellows for all legal historians wherever they may be. (Existing Corresponding Fellows may maintain that title or choose to become Honorary Fellows.) Second, recognizing that the number of legal historians both in the United States and world-wide has greatly expanded in recent years, the society has abandoned any upper limit on the total number of Honorary Fellows that may be recognized at any given time. The only limitation is that no more than three Honorary Fellows may be elected in any given year.

Honorary Fellows are elected by the ASLH Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Society's Honors Committee. In making its recommendations, The Honors Committee considers all those scholars who should be honored for their scholarship and contribution to the field of legal history. The Honors Committee has now adopted a procedure that offers ASLH members at large the opportunity to bring worthy candidates for honors to its attention. Specifically, the Honors Committee invites members of the Society to submit the names of appropriate nominees together with brief statements of support (300 word maximum). Member nominations should be submitted confidentially to the Chair of the Honors Committee, Chris Tomlins They must be received no later than March 31st.

Between April 1st and May 31st The Honors Committee will consider all member nominees, along with nominees proffered by members of the Honors Committee itself. Following the close of deliberations the Committee will proceed to prepare and submit up to three fully documented recommendations for approval by the Board of Directors during the summer months. Elected fellows will be inducted at the Society's annual meeting.

Further information about the Society's Honorary Fellows can be found on the ASLH web page at

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