16 June 2011

REGISTRATION: Bloody Days - Massacres in Comparative Perspective

The University of Pennsylvania Law School, the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, and the Georgetown Institute for Global History are jointly sponsoring a conference, "Bloody Days: Massacres in Comparative Perspective," to be held at the McNeil Center in Philadelphia on 23-24 June 2011:

Ab Initio: Law in Early America

Psychologists and sociologists have studied and theorized massacres, but there is no comparable body of work by historians. "Bloody Days" hopes to give some coherence and depth to the historical study of such outbreaks of violence by bringing together scholars and scholarship in a conference dedicated to presentation of work on massacres across time and space. Scholars who work on all periods and all parts of the world are urged to apply. The conference will feature a keynote address by Karl Jacoby of Brown University.

Registration is now open.

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