07 February 2011

LAUNCH: Law, Crime and History journal

SOLON has relaunched its journal, formerly Crimes and Misdemeanours, as Law, Crime and History. The first issue contains, among other things, a conference report on the ESCLH's inaugural conference last summer. The full contents include:


Debate Forum

Anna Grear, ‘Mind The Gap’: One Dilemma Concerning The Expansion of Legal Subjectivity in the Age of Globalisation 1-8
Sascha–Dominik Bachmann and Ulf Haeussler, Targeted Killing as a Means of Asymmetric Warfare: A Provocative View and Invitation to Debate 9-15

G H Bennett, The 1942 Laconia Order, The Murder of Shipwrecked Survivors and the Allied Pursuit of Justice 1945-46 16-34
Yann Philippe, Community Mothers or Impromptu Actresses? The Multifaceted Experience of Women in the New York Police Department (1900-1941) 35-61
Fran Wright, The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same: Criminal Law, Down Syndrome, and a Life Worth Living 62-85
Discussion Papers

Vaughan Jones, Human Rights and the Use of Law in the Modern State 86-94
Henry Yeomans, Providentialism, The Pledge and Victorian Hangovers: Investigating Moderate Alcohol Policy in Britain, 1914-1918 95-107
Conference Reports

David Cox, Courtrooms, The Public Sphere and Convicts: An International Symposium, (27-29 September 2010, University of Keele) 108-113
Iain Channing, Personal Reflections on From School Exclusion Orders To Anti Terror Laws: Human Rights And The Use Of Law In The Modern State (SOLON Experiencing The Law Conference, 22 October 2010, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies) 114-120
Henry Yeomans, Law and Historical Development from a Comparative Perspective (European Society for Comparative Legal History Inaugural Conference: 5-6 July 2010, University of Valencia) 121-124
SOLON Members' Research Interests and Current Projects 125-133

Sascha Auerbach, ‘Lurid Dramas’: Race and the Legal Campaigns Against Vice in Britain, 1916-1930
Mark Galeotti, Digging Out a History of Organised Crime
Kelly Hignett, Crime in Communist and Post-Communist Eastern Europe

Note that this change is part of wider changes at SOLON. Watch this space.

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