14 July 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: Law, Order and Individual Rights – Theory, Intent and Practice conference (Lyon, 8-10 September 2011)

A SOLON-related call for papers has been issued for the following (very interesting) conference:

in association with the Université Lyon Lumière

Crime, Violence and the Modern State III
Law, Order and Individual Rights –
Theory, Intent and Practice

September 8-10 2011

The third conference in this series will explore comparative, historical and transnational perspectives on crime and violence through a focus on Law, Order and Individual Rights, aiming to contextualise the concepts of individual or ‘human’ rights in the modern state utilising a range of interdisciplinary methodologies, but with a particular interest in promoting the historical dimension. We invite papers that, for example, seek to:

 explore state agendas and the use of law to define ‘deviance’ etc
 explore the changing comprehensions of an ‘orderly’ society, across chronological and territorial boundaries
 map differences, interconnections and movements through space and time.
 explore the differentiated social, cultural or political meanings of violent or criminal acts and ways in which violence is legitimised (or not) by states
 explore the impact of gender, race/ethnicity and other forms of social identification/exclusion
 religion, blasphemy and heresy, and other moral challenges to state authority
 the role of moral panics and other tools for voluntary or involuntary social control
 the management of crime and violence by the state, particularly reflecting on responses by individuals.

In line with the previous two conferences (Crete, 2007, University of Rethymno; St Petersburg, 2009, Herzen State University) the impact of social imaginaries of cultural identity, as well as conceptualisations of nations and empires, will be important considerations. We will also pay particular attention to comparative national or regional dimensions, and papers exploring the extent to which the actions of the modern state may clash with traditional cultural perceptions of deviance and violence in different communities will be of particular interest

Please send proposals to by 29 October 2010. Please send any enquiries to Judith Rowbotham (, David Nash ( or Neil Davie (

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