13 May 2010

NOTICE: Conference on ‘Ethnicity, Crime and Justice; Contemporary and Historical Perspectives’ (8-9 June 2010)

The International Centre for Criminological Comparative Research (ICCCR) is hosting a conference on on ‘Ethnicity, Crime and Justice; Contemporary and Historical Perspectives’ from 8-9 June 2010. The conference will be held at The Open University, Walton Hall, Christodoulou Meeting Rooms, Room 15, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA:

This two day conference on 'Ethnicity, Crime and Justice; Contemporary and Historical Perspectives' aims to bring historians and criminologists together around common themes The conference partly comes out of a recent ESRC-funded research project on ethnicity, crime and justice in England in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and the desire of Peter King and John Carter Wood, who are writing a book out of this research, to bring together historians and criminologists working in this field.

The conference will begin with overview papers - by two speakers who have recently written general texts in the area of research -one an historian and the other a criminologist. This will be followed by sessions on a range of topics - policing, prisons, hate crime etc and by sessions looking more specifically at the treatment of black offenders/victims and at Irish and Jewish minorities and their experience of the criminal justice system in the past.

The main focus is research on Britain but speakers from Africa, North America and France will bring a broader geographical range. The aim is to have 2 or 3 25 -30 minute papers and then to allow plenty of time for discussion in each of the 6 consecutive sessions.

Speakers include Coretta Phillips, Marty Wiener, Paul Iganski, and Rene Levy

Full details including programme and registration form can be found on the ICCCR Website  

Any queries please contact Sarah Sarah Batt, Research Secretary, ICCCR; +44(0) 1908 654704,

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