06 February 2019

BOOK: Giuliano AMATO et al. eds., The History of the European Union : Constructing Utopia (London: Bloomsbury, 2018). ISBN 9781509917419, £120.00

(Source: Hart Publishing)

Hart Publishing is publishing a book on the history of the European Union.


The European Union celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2017, but celebrations were muted by Brexit and the growing sense of a crisis of identity. However, as this seminal work shows, the history and ambition of the European Union are considerable. Written by key stakeholders who, between them, acted as architects, adjudicators and arbitrators of the project, it presents the definitive history of the first two generations of the European Union.

This book revisits the birth and consolidation of the great project of a united Europe and the political, institutional, judicial and economical frameworks of the European Union: from the process towards integration, to the advancements and the impasses in building a political union.


Giuliano Amato is a Judge at the Italian Constitutional Court.
Enzo Moavero-Milanesi is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Italian Republic.
Gianfranco Pasquino is Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Bologna and Senior Adjunct Professor, Hopkins SAIS-Europe as well as a Fellow at Accademia dei Lincei.
Lucrezia Reichlin is Professor at London Business School.

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