ESCLH POSTGRADUATE CONFERENCE: Fourth Postgraduate Conference in Comparative Legal History: “The Making of Law: its Creation and Application” (Valencia: Valencia University, 4-6 MAY 2023); DEADLINE 18 FEB 2023

 (image: La Llotja de la Seda; source: Wikimedia Commons)

The European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH) is pleased to announce its Fourth Postgraduate Conference. The conference will be held online on 5 and 6 May 2023. The ESCLH wants to overcome the narrow nationalism and geographical segregation of legal history in contemporary European scholarship and professional organisations. The society, thus, aims to promote comparative legal history, the explicit comparison of legal ideas and institutions in two or more legal traditions. The Postgraduate Conferences of the ESCLH give advanced PhD students and post-doctoral-researchers who work in the fi eld of comparative legal history the opportunity to present their research to a panel of experts. Furthermore, the conference will give all participants the opportunity to build academic networks. 

This conference is organized by Aniceto Masferrer on behalf of the European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH), with the support of the The Alan Watson Group: The Making of the Western Law, the Institute for Social, Political and Legal Studies, and the research project entitled “Tradición e influencias extranjeras en la Codificación penal española: contribución de la jurisprudencia en la evolución de la Parte Especial (1870-1995)” (PID2019-105871GB-I00) (funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)


Friday 5 May 2023

Faculty of Law, Univ. Valencia

Av. dels Tarongers s/n, 46022 Valencia




9:00     Opening of the conference

Prof. Dr. Matthew Dyson (Oxford University, England)



Chair: Prof. Dr. Emanuele Conte (Roma Tre University, Italy)


9.15     Jasper Van de Woestijne (Ghent University, Belgium)

Wise men beyond borders. The transplantation of the French conseil de prud’hommes throughout Europe


10.00 Vukasin Stanojlovic (University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia) Habitatio in Serbian Law


Chair: Prof. Dr. Phillip Hellwege (Augsburg University, Germany) 10:45 Dr. Joó László Ádám (University of Debrecen, Hungary)

How to Exchange a Civil Code for Customary Law  Tort Law in Hungary and the ABGB in the early 1940s


11:30 Seyma Sagdic (Inonu University, Turkey)

Between rejection and reception: Legal Establishment in Turkey

Chair: Prof. Dr. Luisa Brunori (École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France)


12:15 Ida Ferrero (University of Turin, Italy)

The admission of women to the legal profession in Italy and France


13:00 Pieterjan Schepens (Ghent University, Belgium)

The formation of a mandatory old age pensions system in Belgium, ca. 1900- 1930



13:45 Lunch break


Chair: Prof. Dr. Merike Ristikivi (Tartu University, Estonia) 

15:15 Vid Žepič (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Extraordinary Criminal Law in the Age of Enlightenment  The Case of Pandemics


16:00 Amber Gardeyn (Ghent University, Belgium)

Taking the long way home: the Belgian practice regarding Nazi Looted Art in a comparative legal-historical perspective



Saturday 6 May 2023

Colegio Mayor Rector Peset

Pl. del Forn de Sant Nicolau, 4, 46001 València

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Chair: Prof. Dr. Matt Dyson (Oxford University, England)


9:00     Brian Buchhalter Montero (University Complutense de Madrid, Spain) Tradition and foreign influences in the Draft Law for Criminal Procedure in the Francoist Spain (1938)


9:45     Paulina Kamberov (University of Gdansk, Poland)

The Development of Polish Criminal Law in the Interwar Period: Legislation and Interpretation


10:30 José Franco-Chasán (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain)

Deviancy and the Legal System: Insane Offenders in the Austrian Monarchy, the Reform of German Criminal Law and the Spanish Treatment for Dementes and Locos


11:15 End of the conference

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