05 November 2020

BOOK: Serge DAUCHY, Heikki PIHLAJAMAKI, Albrecht CORDES and Dave DE RUYSSCHER (Eds.), Colonial Adventures: Commercial Law and Practice in the Making (Leiden-New York: Brill, 2020). ISBN 978-90-04-44293-1, 134.00 EUR.


(Source: Brill)

Brill is publishing a new book on the link between commercial law and practice and colonial expansion/maritime trade.


Colonial Adventures: Commercial Law and Practice in the Making addresses the question how and to what extend the development of commercial law and practice, from Ancient Greece to the colonial empires of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, were indebted to colonial expansion and maritime trade. Illustrated by experiences in Ancient Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia, the book examines how colonial powers, whether consciously or not, reshaped the law in order to foster the prosperity of homeland manufacturers and entrepreneurs or how local authorities and settlers brought the transplanted law in line with the colonial objectives and the local constraints amid shifting economic, commercial and political realities. 


Serge Dauchy is Research Director at the CNRS (Lille) and Professor of Legal History at the University Saint-Louis of Brussels. His main research topics are the history of civil procedure, comparative history of central courts and the legal history of Québec and Louisiana. 

Heikki Pihlajamäki is Professor of Comparative Legal History at the University of Helsinki. He has published extensively on the legal history of Scandinavia, Europe and America, including Conquest and the Law in Swedish Livonia (ca. 1630-1710): A Case of Legal Pluralism in Early Modern Europe (Brill, 2017). 

Albrecht Cordes is Professor of Medieval and Early Modern Legal History and Civil Law at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. His research is especially focused on the history of commercial law, Hanseatic legal history and the history of conflict resolution. 

Dave De ruysscher is Associate Professor at Tilburg University and Vrije Universiteit Brussels. As a legal historian and lawyer, he specializes in the history of commercial and private law of the Early Modern period and the nineteenth century. 





Introduction: colonial Adventures: commercial Law and Practice in the Making

  Serge Dauchy, Albrecht Cordes, Dave De ruysscher, Heikki Pihlajamäki


The Rhetoric of Commercial Law in 4th-Century BC Athens

  David Mirhady


Trading along Hadrian’s Wall

  Paul du Plessis


Trade and Law in New Spain in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

  Oscar Cruz Barney


Scots Traders and Spanish Law in East Florida

  M.C. Mirow


How to ‘Mash up’ Lex Mercatoria from Civil Law fo Common Law: the Genesis of Lex Mercatoria in Lower-Canada History 1760–1866

  David Gilles


English Mercantilist Thought and the Matter of Colonies from the 17th to the First Half of the 18th Century

  Alain Clément


The Transplant and Adaption of Company Law in Colonial Victoria 1850–1900

  Phillip Lipton


Company Law transplants and Change in Colonial Southeast Asia

  Petra Mahy


From Denial to Opportunity: Chinese Access to Colonial Law in the Netherlands Indies (1800–1942)

  Alexander Claver


Corporate Law in Colonial India: rise and Demise of the Managing Agency System

  Umakanth Varottil


‘Neither the State nor the Individual Goes to the Colony in Order to Make a Bad Business’: state and Private Enterprise in the Making of Commercial Law in the German Colonies, ca. 1884 to 1914

  Jakob Zollmann


Customs Law in the Congo: on the Fiscal Bargaining Process between the Colonial State and Private Enterprise in Africa (1886–1914)

  Bas De Roo


The Birth of a Colonial City: Tianjin 1860–1895

  Luigi Nuzzo


Experiences and Experimentations: two Words between Two Worlds

  Bernard Durand




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