21 August 2018

PODCAST: HistoryHub – Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra

(Source: History Hub)

We learned of a Podcast series by HistoryHub on the domestic and overseas histories of Portugal and Spain. The latest podcast deals with the topic of Spanish imperial bureaucracy and is called “Petition and Response: Spanish America and the Council of the Indies in the 16th Century”:

History Hub is delighted to present Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra: conversations on the history of Portugal and Spain, 1415-1898. This new podcast series features interviews with experts in the areas of Portuguese and Spanish history, from the beginning of the Portuguese discoveries in 1415 to the end of Spanish dominion in America in 1898.

The interviews, conducted by historian Dr. Edward Collins, will cover a range of topics on the domestic and overseas histories of both nations, which include, among others: the Portuguese explorations of Africa and Asia, Spanish navigation and settlement in America, the church in Portugal and Spain, monarchy and intermarriage in the Iberian kingdoms, natural science and mapping in America, the role of nautical science, Irish historical relations with Portugal and Spain, and imperial competition in Europe and overseas.

The interviewees comprise a number of established and renowned academics, as well as up-and-coming researchers from universities and institutions worldwide. This History Hub series is funded by UCD Seed Funding and supported by UCD School of History. The series editor is Mike Liffey (Real Smart Media).

Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra is available via iTunes and Soundcloud.

The latest Podcast can be found here

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