29 August 2018

BOOK FOR PRE-ORDER: Joshua C. TATE, José REINALDO DE LIMA LOPES & Andrés BOTERO BERNAL (eds.), Global Legal History A Comparative Law Perspective (London: Routledge, 2018), ISBN 9781138478497, 115 GBP

(image source: Routledge)

Book abstract:
This collection brings together a group of international legal historians to further scholarship in different areas of comparative and regional legal history. Authors are drawn from Europe, Asia, and the Americas to produce new insights into the relationship between law and society across time and space. The book is divided into three parts: legal history and legal culture across borders; constitutional experiences in global perspective; and the history of judicial experiences. The three themes, and the chapters corresponding to each, provide a balance between public law and private law topics, and reflect a variety of methodologies, both empirical and theoretical. The volume highlights the gains that may be made by comparing the development of law in different countries and different time periods.

Table of contents:
Part I: Legal History and Legal Culture Across Borders; 1. Sincerity-Based Proper Relationship: Socrates and Confucius (Chi-Shing Chen);
2. Legal Development from a Comparative Perspective: English contract law in the nineteenth century (Catharine Macmillan)
3. Legal History and Comparative Perspective: Analysis from the Cuban Experience (Fabricio Mulet Martínez);
4. Bar Associations and the Circulation of Legal Knowledge: Argentina and Brazil, First Half of the Twentieth Century (Mariana de Moraes Silveira);
Part II: Constitutional Experiences in Global Perspective;
5. Lessons from the History of Judicial Review of Constitutional Amendments in Colombia, 1955-2016 (Mario Alberto Cajas-Sarria);
6. The Mexican Constitution of 1917, From Individual Rights to Social Warranties: The Supreme Court and Its Jurisprudence, 1917-1928 (Humberto Morales Moreno);
7. Presidential Impeachment in Brazil: Importation and Adaptations from the U.S. Impeachment Process (Rafael Mafei Rabelo Queiroz);
Part III: History of Judicial Experiences;
8. Exclusion and Inclusion of the French Law on Neighboring Plots of Land in the Civil Codes of Quebec, Louisiana and Francophone Switzerland: Some Reflections on the Relation between Law and Society (Asya Ostroukh);
9. A Legal-Historical Chronicle of Rule-of-Law Narratives in Hong Kong (Andra Le Roux-Kemp);
10. Justice in the Ibero-American World in the Enlightenment Era (Andréa Slemian);
11. Family Courts and Violence against Women in Guatemala, 1964-1996 (John W. Wertheimer);
12. Conclusion
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