20 August 2018

CALL FOR Editors/Advisory Board Members (H-Law; from 1 OCT 2018 on)

Please read this message if you
* would like the H-Law network expanded to meet your needs
* look forward to more forum content, including reviews, blogs, essays, graphics, etc.
* would consider
  • participating in content creation
  • applying for the role of network editor
  • applying for the role of review editor
  • serving on the H-Law board of advisors 
I'm Charles Zelden, lead editor of H-Law.  H-Law was one of the first half-dozen H-Net lists and I've been involved with H-Law from the beginning.  At times, H-Law has been very stimulating, but of late it has been reduced to little more than a bulletin board.  I'd like to see that status change, and I expect many network members share that desire.
Many H-Net lists have fallen on hard times since the conversion from the list format to the forum format, and I'm convinced that one of the reasons for this problem is the failure to take advantage of the possibilities that a forum offers.  One example is content creation, including blogs, graphics, etc.  Each of us have various interests that we can share through content creation.  
H-Net’s change in format is indeed a key reason for the quiescence of H-Law, but the format itself is not the problem. Rather, our failure to take advantage of the possibilities that a forum has to offer is the reason why H-Law has become so disappointing. Change comes with new leadership (both a head editor and a new board of advisors), volunteers (network and review co-editors), and content creators, including log authors, map curators, or whatever else the creative membership of H-Law chooses to contribute.  
Now is the time to begin the restructuring that will bring H-Law back to the forefront of online resources of legal history.  We need faculty, librarians, graduate students, editors, instructional technologists, archivists, and academic professionals of all kinds to step forward with ideas, energy, and a willingness to help.
Most important, it is time for a change in leadership at the top.  I have been an editor of H-Law for 24 years.  I have served as its lead editor since 2011.  It is time for a new editorial team to take control of H-Law and update it for the new digital age.
H-Law therefore seeks a new list editor (or editors) to take control of H-Law.  H-Law is a collaborative and growing network focused on the scholarly pursuit of legal and constitutional history broadly conceived.  It has a thriving book review program and podcasts.  List editors moderate the discussions, assist subscribers, and help build content on the network, working in concert with each other and with the H-Law Advisory Board. Applicants can be of any rank, but should be ABD (all but dissertation) or above (Ph. D. or J.D.).  They must be approved by the H-Law Advisory Board, and then the H-Net Executive Council.  They will serve for a two year term (with potential for renewal). 
No previous experience is necessary--H-NET will train you. (Don’t let techno-phobia deter you.  H-NET training is fun and easy.)  Editing the list is a good way to keep on top of what is happening in our field, and it provides opportunities for national service to the profession for tenure and/or promotion.
Below please find role descriptions (click on each role to read full descriptions) and applications.
      *  Advisory board members - Advisory Board Member Application

If you have any questions, or any interest in joining the H-Law editorial team, please reach out to me at  I will walk candidates through the application process.  All application materials should be sent to me for forwarding to the editorial advisory board.
Review of applications will begin on October 1 and continue until the position(s) are filled.
Charles Zelden
Lead Editor, H-Law
Book Review Editor, H-Law

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