06 May 2015

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: World Congress of Roman and Comparative Law, "Contracts, Goods and Trade Market" (Valparaiso, 23-24 Jul 2015); DEADLINE 15 JUN 2015

(image source: conference website)

We were informed of the call for abstracts for the upcoming "World Congress of Roman and Comparative Law" in Valparaiso (Chile).

Each participant will have 20 minutes to give his communication. All proposals should relate to the main subject of the congress: “Contracts,goods and trade market”. Presentations can be given in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Portuguese.

The  following  publication  of  the  works  presented  to  the  Congress  will  be  subject  to  a  blind  refereeing process and to the editorial norms of the Revista de Estudios Histórico-Jurídicos ( The deadline to send the full text of the communications that wish to be included in the publication will be notified in due time

Proposals are expected by 15 June 2015.

More information on the conference website.

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