12 June 2019

JOURNAL: Highly Cited Articles from the American Journal of Legal History (OPEN ACCESS)

(image: the reader by Fragonard; source: Wikimedia Commons)

The American Journal of Legal History was founded in 1957 and was the first English-language periodical in the field. In 2016, the journal was relaunched, and is now published by Oxford University Press, with the aim of publishing outstanding scholarship on all facets and periods of legal history. We have collated the top 10 most highly cited papers from 2016 and 2017, showcasing the top quality research published in the journal. These are free to read online for a limited time - click on the article titles to start reading.

The Future of Digital Legal History: No Magic, No Silver Bullets by Eric C. Nystrom and David S. Tanenhaus
If the Present were the Past by Matthew Dyson
Federalism Anew by Sara Mayeux and Karen Tani

(source: OUP)

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