12 June 2019

BOOK: Oliver HEKSTER & Koenraad VERBOVEN (eds.), The Impact of Justice on the Roman Empire Proceedings of the Thirteenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire [Impact of Empire; 34] (Leiden/New York: Martinus Nijhoff/Brill, 2019), ISBN 978-90-04-40047-4, OPEN ACCESS

(image source: Brill)

Book abstract:
The Impact of Justice on the Roman Empire discusses ways in which notions, practice and the ideology of justice impacted on the functioning of the Roman Empire. The papers assembled in this volume follow from the thirteenth workshop of the international network Impact of Empire. They focus on what was considered just in various groups of Roman subjects, how these views were legitimated, shifted over time, and how they affected policy making and political, administrative, and judicial practices. Linking all of the papers are three common themes: the emperor and justice, justice in a dispersed empire and differentiation of justice.
Bibliographical note:
Olivier Hekster, Radboud University, is professor of Ancient History and chairs the international network Impact of Empire. He has published widely on Roman history, focusing on imperial ideology and Roman emperorship. Koenraad Verboven, University of Ghent, is professor of Ancient History. He specializes in ancient social and economic history, particularly of the Roman world, and has a special interest in monetary history and numismatics, friendship and patronage based networks, guilds (collegia), (neo-)institutional analysis and complexity economics. Contributors are: Olivier Hekster & Koenraad Verboven, Stephane Benoist & Anne Gangloff, Elsemieke Daalder, Francesco Bono, Matthijs Wibier, Juan, Manuel Cortés-Copete, Frédéric Hurlet, Clifford Ando, Peter Herz, Elena Köstner, Pilar Pavón Torrejón, Margherita Carucci.

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