27 March 2015

PODCAST: Comparative and Transnational Histories of Post-WWII Epuration in Europe (France Culture: La Fabrique de l'Histoire, 9-12 March 2015)

 (women accused of excessive proximity with the German occupation; source: Wikimedia Commons)

La Fabrique de l'Histoire, a respected daily broadcast for and by historians on France Culture, has devoted four sessions of about 45 minutes to a transnational, comparative or entangled historiography of post-World War Two epuration or "repression" of collaboration with the Nazi occupant.

Marie-Bénédicte Vincent (ENS), Stéphane Gacon (Université de Bourgogne/CNRS), Vincent Artuso (Paris I), Vanessa Voisin (IRICE), Marc Bergère (Rennes 2), Jonas Campion (UCL), Emmanuel Droit (Centre Marc Bloch) and others treat the cases of Luxemburg, Belgium, France and Eastern Europe.

Podcasts here.

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