05 March 2015

CONFERENCE: Early Modern Political Corruption (Bern, 13-14 March 2015)

The organizers of the Bern Conference on Early Modern Political Corruption announced the program of the event, which will take place next week.

Friday, 13.03.2015 (Haus der Universität Bern)

0900    Opening: Simona Slanička/Maud Harivel/Florian Schmitz

Panel 1: Corruption in the Ecclesiastical Sphere
Chair: Simona Slanicka (Bern)
0915    Olivier Christin (Neuchâtel)
    La Simonie comme Catégorie de Description des Élections par Corruption
1000    Bertrand Marceau (Paris)
    Élection et Corruption au Monastère. Le triple Scrutin de Cîteaux (1625)
Coffee break (20 min)

Panel 2: Elections and the Monarchy
Chair: Hillard von Thiessen (Rostock)
1100    Kateřina Pražákova (České Budějovice)
    The Habsburg Empire and the French Kingdom in the Struggle for the Polish Crown

1145    Kateřina Dufková (Prag)
    Between the King and the Estates. Elections of the Provincial Officials in Early Modern Moravia

Lunch break (Haus der Universität)

Panel 3: On the road to “Modernity”?
Chair: Niels Grüne (Innsbruck)
1430    Malcolm Crook (Keele) and Tom Crook (Oxford Brooks)
    Contesting ‘corruption’. Electoral Morality and Practice in Britain and France, c. 1830- 1914
1515    Nathalie Dompnier (Lyon-2)
    La corruption électorale face à ses juges. Justice repressive et justice restitutive en France, 1848-1958

Coffee break

1730    Round table: Contemporary Elections and Electoral Corruption
(Hauptgebäude der Universität Bern, room HS 120)
Ronald Kroeze (Amsterdam)/Mark Pieth (Basel)/Anca Simina (Bucharest)/ Richard Lappin (Warsaw)

2000 Dinner: Restaurant Kornhauskeller (Kornhausplatz 18, 3011 Bern)

Saturday, 14.03.2015 (Haus der Universität Bern)Panel 4: Republics, Elections, Corruption
Chair: Christian Windler (Bern)

0900    Cristina Rosillo Lopez (Sevilla)
     The ancient Roman way to win elections: practices and discourse of electoral corruption during the Late Roman Republic (2nd-1st century BCE)
0945    Maud Harivel (Bern)
    Désintéresser les élections. Les mesures anti-fraudes dans la république de Venise

Coffee break (20 min)

Chair: Simona Slanicka (Bern)

1045    Dorit Raines (Venice)
The Formation of Advocacy Groups in the Venetian Republic, or how to avoid illicit Exchange of Favors during Elections

1130    Danilo Pedremonte (Genoa)
    Seven Ballots for a Consul. The Election of Benedetto Luxoro as Genoese Consul in Marseilles (1758-1759)

1400    Raphael Barat (Lyon-2)
    Les Brigues Électorales dans la République de Genève à la fin du XVIIe siècle
1440    Florian Schmitz (Bern)
    Obstacle or Catalyse? Elections in the Oligarchic Process (Berne, 1500-1700)
1520    Jean-Claude Waquet (Paris)
    Conference Synopsis

Coffee Break and Farewell

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