20 February 2015

VACANCY: Professorship at Sciences Po (Contemporary History of the State, Institutions and Public Policy) (DEADLINE 1 March 2015)

Sciences Po Paris is hiring a Professor in contemporary political history, but with a strong knowledge of public law, as well as the 19th century. See call below:

The Center of History and the Department of History at Sciences Po are proposing to further strengthen of the field of political history at Sciences Po. The orientation of the Center of History is fundamentally geared towards the axis of political history, understood in all its dimensions
The target of this search is a specialist in the history of the state, political institutions and public policies, with a special emphasis on the study of their juridical and administrative implications. All areas of research related to these broad themes are welcome, with a preference for the history of the twentieth century, understood in the largest possible definition of this term. A solid knowledge of the nineteenth century will be strongly appreciated. The capacity to teach the history of ideas and political concepts will be an additional asset. Candidates must demonstrate their understanding of constitutional law, public law and political science
The position is geared towards experts in the history of France, but candidates must also demonstrate their aptitude for comparative, transnational and connected history. They must likewise benefit from international recognition of their research, their professional activities, their teaching experience, their publications and their linguistic competence. A solid level of English will be expected.
Full text of the call here.

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