18 February 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS: International Days of the French Society of Legal History, Ph.D.-Round Table (French Association of Young Legal Historians), DEADLINE 30 MARCH 2015

(View on Rennes, 1624, image source: Gallica/BnF)

 We have the following call for papers (by 30 MARCH 2015), for the upcoming Journées internationales d'Histoire du Droit (Rennes, 28-31 May 2015)
At  the  invitation  of  the  Société  d’histoire  du  droit  in  conjunction  with  the  Chair  for  Legal History of the University of Rennes Faculty of Law, the Association française des jeunes historiens du droit will hold a round table during the upcoming Journées Internationales d’Histoire du Droit, which will take place in the Faculty of Law of Rennes on 28-31 May 2015.

The session will be limited to PhD-candidates and moderated by a Professor. The aim of this round table is for each participant to submit a few minutes of his or her thesis topic, in addition to, a discussion on substantive issues and methodological approaches raised by each line of research.

The presentation should not  exceed 10 minutes in order to spend time discussing with theparticipants. The objective of which is not to give a conference on the thesis subject, but rather a reflective workshop and an exchange of ideas and knowledge between the various participants on their work in progress. The aim of this session is also to establish contact between PhD-candidates with various academic fields, and obtain feedback on projects and early stages. 

Proposals for the presentation may cover all time periods and fields of Legal History, regardless of the selected theme for the Journées Internationales d’Histoire du Droit. Presentations may be given in French, English,  German or Italian. Intending presenters  are  encouraged  to  send  an  application consisting  of  no  more  than  300  words,  and  a  curriculum  vitae  before  30  March  2015  to :

Source: French Association of Young Legal Historians.

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