12 February 2015

CONFERENCE: XXIst Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians: Law in Transition (Tel Aviv, 1-3 March 2015)

(image source: Buchamm Faculty of Law)

The traditional European Forum of Young Legal Historians is organized by the Buchmann Faculty of Law (Tel Aviv University).

Conference description:
The upcoming conference aims at a comprehensive discussion of law in transition. A wide variety of transitions of historical significance will be explored: political, economic, social, cultural, and more. “Law”— legal symbols, discourses, players, institutions, theories, and texts—has played a significant role in historical transitions, and legal historians have been crucial in exploring its multiple and contradictory effects. The stakes are not just historical, but current: these studies encourage transitions in the way law itself is conceived, theorized, and researched.
The outlined program has been published here.
A full overview of all seventeen panels, covering a wide array of issues, is here.

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