20 March 2020

CONFERENCE POSTPONED: 6th ESCLH Biennal Conference: Legal Professions and Networks (Lisbon, 30 JUN-2 JUL 2021)

Dear Members, conference speakers, colleagues and friends,

The European Society for Comparative Legal History sends its greetings, and best wishes to everyone affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Many are suffering and we express our sadness, and our solidarity with them, as well as our deep gratitude to those doing the impossible around the world to contain, treat and ultimate help us move past this pandemic.

Whatever inconvenience the restrictions on work, travel and interpersonal contact are, they are nothing in comparison to that suffering, and that emergency response. The ESCLH Executive Council and the organisers of the 2020 Lisbon Conference have come to the conclusion that we must postpone our conference in Lisbon this July. 

We have taken the decision early in order for those who have offered papers and those intending to attend to plan appropriately. It is obviously a disappointment, and particularly so given the amazing program the Lisbon team have arranged. However, we know that many universities and libraries are shut indefinitely, and that travel may not even be possible for some months and certainty now would be of benefit. 

We also know that we can postpone the conference, with our current intention being until the same time next year, 30 June to 2 July 2021, with the presumption being that anyone accepted to speak will do so then (and anyone who wishes to withdraw, or apply to change the topic of the paper, should do so by 10 January 2021, to <>).

With very warmest wishes to you all,

Matthew Dyson
President of the ESCLH, on behalf of the Executive Council and the Lisbon 2020 organisers

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