11 September 2019

PRE-CONFERENCE MEETING: New Histories of Sovereigns and Sovereignties (Athens: ESIL 2019 Annual conference, 12 SEP 2019)

European Society of International Law

Interest Group on the History of International Law

New Histories of Sovereigns and Sovereignties
ESIL Athens 2019 Meeting

Faculty Club, Academias 48, 10672 Athens

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Welcome and Introduction

Panel One: Sovereignty before the Twentieth Century

Greg Ablavsky (Stanford) — ‘Species of Sovereignty: Native American Nationhood, the United States, and International Law, 1783–1795’

Connor McBain (Glasgow) — ‘Parcel of Rogues in a Nation: The Story of the Darien Company and the Forgotten Role of Corporate Sovereignty in Scots Colonisation of the “New World”’

Commentator: Markus Beham (Passau)

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Panel Two: Sovereignty in the Twentieth Century

Diane Marie Amann (Georgia) — ‘Intersectional Sovereignties: Dr Aline Chalufour, Woman at Nuremberg — and at Paris, Ottawa, and Dalat’

Tsvetelina van Benthem (Oxford) — ‘Sovereignty, Sanctions and Functionalism’

Commentator: Jan Lemnitzer (University of Southern Denmark)

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