24 September 2019

BOOK: Carlotta LATINI, Storia di un giurista eretico. Diritto e processo penale nel pensiero di Enrico Ferri (Napoli: Editoriale Scientifica, 2018), ISBN 978-88-9391-417-8 202 pp., € 14

Book presentation:
The book traces the main issues of scientific reflection and the experience of Enrico Ferri, a famous criminal lawyer and socialist professor who lived between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, with an emphasis on relations with the university and academic milieu and the political environment. Ferri was not only a good criminal lawyer, but also dedicated himself to the academic career with some success. Linked to Cesare Lombroso, whome was a scholar, he led the Positive school, convinced of the importance of the dictates of the School especially in the context of penal reforms (penal Code Projects). Ferri had also a little part (at the end of his life) in making Rocco penal Code. He also was Violet Gibson lawyer, the famous woman who shot Mussolini. The book thus deals with central issues in the debate at that historic moment, such as imputability, free will, jury, suicide and the right to die, etc.
On the author:
Carlotta Latini, Full Professor of Medievale and Modern History of Law, University of Camerino, Law School, Italy 
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