18 December 2015

BOOK: Thomas DUVE and Heikki PIHLAJAMÄKI (eds.), New Horizons in Spanish Colonial Law. Contributions to Transnational Early Modern Legal History [Global Perspectives on Legal History; 3] (Frankfurt am Main: MPI for European Legal History, 2015), 259 p. ISBN 9783944773025

The series Global Perspectives on Legal History (MPI for European Legal History) published its third volume.

Derecho indiano, Spanish colonial law, has been a vigorous subdiscipline of legal history since the early 20th century. In 1997, in his Nuevos horizontes enel estudio histórico del derecho indiano, Argentinian legal historian Víctor Tau Anzoátegui considers some hitherto neglected perspectives. What has been achieved since then? What issues are being dealt with today? In this volume,scholars from different parts of the Western world address several of the current challenges confronting derecho indiano.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: New Horizons of Derecho Indiano (Thomas Duve & Heikki Pihlajamäki)
  •  Spanish American and British American Law as Mirrors to Each Other: Implications of the Missing Derecho Británico Indiano (Richard J. Ross)
  • Revisiting the America’s Colonial Status under the Spanish Monarchy (Rafael D. García Pérez)
  • Did European Law Turn American? Territory, Property and Rights in an Atlantic World (Tamar Herzog)
  • The Westernization of Police Regulation: Spanish and British Colonial Laws Compared (Heikki Pihlajamäki)
  • The Theater of Conscience in the "Living Law" of the Indies (Brian P. Owensby)
  • Víctor Tau Anzoátegui and the Legal Historiography of the Indies (Ezequiel Abásolo)
  • Between America and Europa: The Strange Case of the derecho indiano (Luigi Nuzzo)
  • More than just Vestiges. Notes for the Study of Colonial Law History in Spanish America after 1808 (Marta Lorente Sariñena)
  • Provincial and Local Law of the Indies. A Research Program (Víctor Tau Anzoátegui)
The full book can be downloaded for free (open access) here.

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