31 August 2015

NEWS: Patrick Boucheron appointed at the College the France, chair "A History of Powers in Western Europe, 13th-16th Century"

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The Collège de France, prestigious areopagus of French academia founded by Francis I, where among others Michel Foucault, Pierre Rosanvallon, Georges Duby or Pierre Bourdieu taught, has decided to appoint the historian Patrick Boucheron (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, LAMOP) to a chair entitled "A History of Powers in Western Europe, 13th-16th Century", a topic relevant to legal historians.

An interview with professor Boucheron can be found on France Culture ("La fabrique de l'histoire").

All courses of the Collège de France are available for free online, on the institution's website, or on iTunesU.

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