13 July 2015

NOTICE: ESCLH Membership Fees

(image: the tax collector by Jan Matsys, source: Wikimedia Commons)
As some of our members did not receive prof. Cañizares's message of 28 April 2015, we kindly repeat the instructions for the payment of the 2015 ESCLH Membership Fee. [Please ignore this message if you already regularised your own situation.]

A link to the Paypal-system can be found on the right-hand side of this blog. Options range from €25 for one year (student), € 50 for two (student) to € 50 for one year (non student) and € 100 for two years (non student). Our members benefit from reduced fees at ESCLH scientific events, such as the biennal conferences (2010 Valencia, 2012 Amsterdam, 2014 Macerata, 2016 Danzig), and receive their own copy of the international peer-reviewed journal Comparative Legal History.

Please find his original message below:

Dear ESCLH member,
We are writing to ask for your subscription payment for 2015. We are currently able to provide a new volume of Comparative Legal Historyjournal to you without further payment, as a benefit of being a member of the European Society for Comparative Legal History. In order to receive your copy, please pay your subscription by 10 May 2015.
As a student/PhD student member of the ESCLH, your subscription is €25 for 2015 and €50 for 2015 and 2016.
As a non-student member of the ESCLH, your subscription is €50 for 2015 and €100 for 2015 and 2016.
The subscription payment can be done:
1) Bank transfer
IBAN: ES43 0487 0372 2020 0700 1596.
Name and postal address of the account holder: European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH). C/ d'en Llop, 2 puerta 10. 46003, Valencia. Spain.
Name and postal address of the bank office: Grupo Banco Mare Nostrum - Caja Murcia. C/ Primado Reig, 185. 46020 Valencia.
2) Paypal
Paypal account's holder: European Society for Comparative Legal History.
E-mail address for Paypal donations:
If you have trouble to pay either by bank transfer or PayPal please get in touch with the ESCLH Treasurer, Dr. europ. Juan Benito Cañizares-Navarro, at
After sending the money, please email ESCLH Treasurer,, to confirm the payment. If there have been any changes to your affiliation, academic status (e.g., from being a PhD student to becoming an employed researcher) research interests or contact information, please let the Treasurer know by the same email.
In the meantime, we hope you are finding our ever-expanding Blog ( useful as a gateway to developments in Comparative Legal History. If you have any material you would like to appear there or any suggestion, our web editor, Flavia Mancini ( would be delighted to assist.
We wish you all a happy and productive new year,
The ESCLH Executive Council,
Aniceto Masferrer                       
Remco van Rhee
Mia Korpiola
Phillip Hellwege
Matthew Dyson

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