13 July 2015

BOOK: Troy L. HARRIS (ed.), Studies in Canon Law and Common Law in Honor of R.R. Helmholz [Studies in Comparative Legal History] (Berkeley: Robbins Collection, 2015, 406 p.). ISBN 978-1-882239-23-8, $40.

(image source: Legal History Blog)

The Legal History Blog announced the publication of Studies in Canon Law and Common Law in Honor of R. H. Helmholz by the Robbins Collection at the University of California in Berkeley.

Table of Contents:
Preface by Troy L. Harris (vii)

Richard Helmholz: Bibliography 1969–2015 (xi)

Limitation of Actions: The Curious Case of Classical Roman Law by David Johnston (1)

Episcopal Power and Royal Jurisdiction in Angevin England by Joshua C. Tate (15)
(available on SSRN; source: Legal History Blog)

The Common Lawyers of the Reign of Edward I and the Canon Law by Paul Brand (27)

Ethical Standards for Advocates and Proctors of the Court of Ely (1374–1382) Revisited by Charles Donahue jr. (41)

The Evolution of the Common Law by Thomas P. Gallanis (61)

Clergy and the Abuse of Legal Procedure in Medieval England by Jonathan Rose (83)

The Private Life of Archbishop Johannes Gerechini: Simulated Marriage and Clerical Concubinage in Early Fifteenth-Century Sweden  by Mia Korpiola (115)

The Presumption of Evil in Medieval Jurisprudence by Laurent Mayali (137)

Pedro Guerrero's Treatise on Clandestine Marriage by Philip Reynolds (153)

Some Elisabethan Marriage Cases by Sir John Baker (181)

The Arguments in Calvin's Case (1608) by David Ibbetson (213)

Hugo Grotius and the Natural Law of Marriage: A Case Study ofHarmonizing Confessional Differences in Early Modern Europe by John Witte jr. (231)

The Work of the Ecclesiastical Courts, 1725-1745 by Troy L. Harris (251)

Testamentary Proceedings in Spanish East Florida, 1783-1821 by M.C. Mirrow (281)

The Durability of Maxims in Canon Law: From regulae iuristo Canonical Principles by Norman Doe and Simon Pulleyn (303)

Canon Law: The Discipline of Teaching and the Teaching of the Discipline by Mark Hill (337)

Agreed Payment for Non-Performance in European Contract Law by Reinhard Zimmermann (355)
More information at the Robbins Collection's website.

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