02 September 2020

BOOK: Yunsheng LIU, The History of the Contractual Thoughts in Ancient China (Cham: Springer, 2020). ISBN 978-981-15-5767-5, EUR 106.99

(Source: Springer)

Springer is publishing a history of contractual thought in ancient China.


This book explores the intellectual history of contract law in ancient China by employing archaeological and empirical methodologies. Divided into five chapters, it begins by reviewing the origin of the contract in ancient China, and analyzing its name, primary form, historical premise and functions. The second chapter discusses free will and lawfulness in the establishment of a contract, offering insights into the impact of contracts on social justice. In turn, the third chapter addresses the inner core of the contract: validity and liability. This allows readers at all levels to identify the similarities and differences between contracts from different eras and different parts of the world, which will also benefit those pursuing comparative research in related fields. Chapters four and five offer a philosophical exploration of contract history in ancient China, and analyze key aspects including human nature and ethical justice.

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