07 February 2020

BOOK : Barbara J. SHAPIRO, Law Reform in Early Modern England, (Hart publishing), ISBN : 9781509934218, £63.18

(Source : Hart publishing

ABOUT THE BOOK : Law Reform in Early Modern England, Crown, Parliament and the Press.

This book provides an illuminating commentary of law reform in the early modern era (1500–1740) and views the moves to improve law and legal institutions in the context of changing political and governmental environments.
Although lawyers have often been seen as the chief obstacles to law reform, this book emphasises their contributions – particularly their role in legislation and in reforming the corpus of legal materials – and highlights the previously ignored reform efforts of Lord Chancellors.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Barbara J Shapiro is Professor Emerita and Professor in the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley.


1. Introduction
2. The Early Tudors and Law Reform 1509–58
3. The Elizabethan Era 1558–1603
4. The Early Stuarts 1603–40
5. The Civil War and Parliamentary Rule 1640–49
6. Commonwealth and Protectorate 1649–60
7. The Restoration Era 1660–88
8. Revolution and Beyond 1688–1740
9. Conclusion


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